danny - 16230
danny - 14725
jin - 12990
danny - 12430
danny - 11020
jin - 10135
jin - 9960
Zabadack - 9865
danny - 9300
Zabadack - 9220

“Where are the cheat pages? Has anyone got past Level 6 yet? Simple but very engaging.”

Get Pulsar Power
Captain Pulsar

Become Captain Pulsar and Destroy the DeSuHu Labs
$1000 for the first person to complete the game!

Captain Pulsar Challenge - Available in Apple iTunes App Store

Harness Pulsar Power. Welcome to the world of Captain Pulsar - a new super hero. Step into his shoes and fight his enemies in this online game.

Your Mission: To Avoid & Destroy

Captain Pulsar Online Game

How To Play

To play the game all you need is a working keyboard (with a Space Bar button and arrow keys for flying in different directions. Who is Captain Pulsar?

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