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Captain Pulsar
Photon    Neutron Star

Miss Quantum

“The friend of my friend is my enemy...”
DeSuHu Corp. CEO, Xiang Yu

The Back-Story...
The DeSuHu Corporation is an international pharmaceuticals giant. Led by CEO Xiang Yu, its focus is on finding and fixing disease-causing DNA and manufacturing health machines that boost human physiological capacity for exercise and for healing.

With all the billions DeSuHu makes it channels a lot of money into top-secret projects run by mysterious groups. DeSuHu stands for Designing Super Humans.

They have created a line of regenerative drugs that generate hundreds of millions in revenue. They are conducting secret exerpiments to create a line of drugs that will generate profits in the tens of billions. The governments of the world do not know about the secret experiments and research, but they need to be stopped before a super army is created that will defeat any human army. DeSuHu are creating super powered weapons more effective than the weapons of mass destruction.

Scientists John Stephens (Captain Pulsar), Xavier Franklin (Neutron Star), Jessica Elliott (Miss Quantum) and Clark Samson Lewis (Photon) were senior scientists on the ‘Genesis Project’ -a top secret Hadron BioPharmaceutics project run by the mysterious DeSuHu Corporation.

Who Are The Enemies?
Where we meet Captain Pulsar now he is working against different groups of enemies. In particular a group of super-powered people are acting against him and protecting what Captain Pulsar seeks to destroy.

Read more information on Photon, Neutron Star and Miss Quantum.

Pulsar Power
Are you ready to harness Pulsar Power? Welcome to the world of Captain Pulsar - a new super hero. Step into his shoes and fight his enemies in this online game.

Your Mission?
To smash the Hadron Collider Transformer machine headquarters of the mysterious DeSuHu Corporation. This will not be easy as you will have to guide Captain Pulsar past obstacles and his enemies, Photon, Neutron Star and Miss Quantum.

Captain Pulsar Challenge - Available in Apple iTunes App Store

The DeSuHu Corporation

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